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We have set the price of this course from EUR 197 to FREE for a limited period, so try us out! In this course you will be able to complete the first learning unit of each module of the International Trade Specialist Accreditation Program,  Specifically you will complete: Export Marketing Operations Module Introduction to Exporting Learning Unit available immediately upon enrollment Trade & Customs Practice Module Introduction to International Trade Learning Unit available 3 days after enrollment Finance of International Trade Module Methods of Payment Learning Unit 7 days after enrollment eBusiness & Internet Marketing Module Introduction to eBusiness & Internet Marketing 10 days after enrollment Once you complete these learning units you will be awarded a digital certificate of completion for the course that you can print out and keep AND the course units you completed will be fully credited to your progress through the full International Trade Specialist Accreditation when you decide to continue your studies. Read More

ITSA - International Trade Specialist Accreditation Program is a program we are running in Trinidad & Tobago with the support of exporTT, the Trade Facilitation Organization of Trinidad & Tobago – it is an Online Distance Learning program called the International Trade Specialist (ITS) Accreditation program which lasts for 42 weeks.   Here is just some of the feedback we have received from graduates: Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: HI I find this course very informative and on point with all challenges and positive an SME should look out for when thinking of exporting international. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: The course was concise but informative. Course rating: 4 stars - Course feedback: took a little time to get used to the navigation but the course content was informative. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: An excellent way to introduce exporting and all it's requirements to a none exporter. This course was very informative and gave relatable examples. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: This course is a valuable resource in terms of equipping participants with the necessary tools and direction for a successful entry into the exiting world of export. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: A good first module! Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: I understood the fundamental of exporting from this course. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: I really appreciated the fact that the questions came directly from the course unit and not outside sources. The reading material was very clear. Course rating: 5 stars - Course feedback: Very good content of material Given the excellent feedback already, exporTT’s team is accepting applications for enrollment to start the program in which you will cover the full spectrum of international trade operations from Export Marketing, Trade & Customs Practice (including significant coverage in transport and logistics), Trade Finance and Payments and of course a comprehensive eBusiness and Internet Marketing Module.   The cost of the 1 year ITS Accreditation is normally EUR 1,750 but thanks to support from exporTT the course can be taken at a reduced price of EUR 600 through this exporTT Supported Training Portal.  Only Trinidad & Tobago residents can avail of this special pricing. The program is recognized internationally by the Institute of Export UK, Institute of Financial Services UK and the Institute of Supply Chain Management.  Once you have completed the ITS Accreditation, you will automatically be eligible to start your studies with the Institute of Export at NVQ LEVEL 5 Qualifications, thus saving a lot of time and money. An important bonus when you choose our accredited courses is the fact that you would have 2 year’s access to our course materials.  You will also get lifetime membership of our alumni and online campus discussion forums as well as a year’s access to the International Trade Networking portal of the World Trade Centers Association – WebPortGlobal.com worth over EUR 360 – all as part of the ITS Program package. The International Trade Specialist Accreditation program has been designed to be a ‘Gateway Program’ which provides access to further studies with the prestigious industry bodies outlined above.  Its both convenient and more cost effective than working your way up through the more basic programs from NVQ level 1-4 offered by these Institutes as the International Trade Specialist takes you straight from zero to NVQ Level 4 over the course of the 42 learning units. You can download our prospectus https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3kqtmjptq9xm2z/_eBSI_Prospectus_Realize_Your_Global_Potential.pdf and ITS Syllabus https://www.dropbox.com/s/wa3lzk8a3ddtuyr/new%20schedule%202015%20-%20ITS%20Global.pdf for your information and assistance. If you would like a demo of the course,  you can access the first unit of each module of the ITS Accreditation free of charge which will give you a very good understanding of how the course is delivered by signing up to the course at https://exportt.learnupon.com/store/1592-international-trade-specialist-accreditation-course-starter-demo?tab=1&is_lp=1&refv=Thomas_Smith&reff=Partner_ID An added benefit of the demo course is that you will then have completed 4 out of the 42 lessons on the ITS Accreditation Program already because we keep your course results for future use in the full program! This program is open for enrolment until mid January 2019 and won’t take place again until 2020 so if at all interested, please try out the demo course now through the above link and if you like the methodology and want to add a powerful accreditation onto your professional profile then signup with exporTT!  Further details can be obtained from exporTT by emailing ITS@exportt.co.tt or visiting https://exportt.co.tt/departments/its-2019/ Please share this info with your industry colleagues in Trinidad & Tobago! Read More

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